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Father's Day Gift Guide

Are you looking for a unique present for the dad in your life this Father’s Day, instead of the same old grill sets that are advertised every year? We’ve compiled a list of ten original gift ideas, all from small businesses and artists. There’s something for every dad here, from the foodie to the guy who’s always fixing up the house or building a patio. Check out our gift guide below!

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What Is Ethical Fashion?

More than once, when asked about my brand, I’ve received the question: “Okay, so what does ethical fashion mean?” It’s more complex than saying that your brand uses eco-friendly fabric. Ethical fashion targets the issues within the fashion industry as a whole, and there are many. Not only are we concerned with fashion’s environmental impact, but with its impact on workers as well in areas such as wages, workplace safety, and working conditions. The fashion industry is one of our most wasteful and damaging industries. Factory emissions and chemicals from dyeing processes add pollutants to our environment, while excess inventory often ends up in landfills or otherwise destroyed. Fast fashion companies (those brands churning out new, cheap products every few...

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