Small Business Spotlight- Cape Cod Home Remedies

Meet Heather Swett and Sabrina Ewing, co-founders of Cape Cod Home Remedies. Cape Cod Home Remedies' all-natural bronzing body butter is one of the featured products in our June #ShopLocal box.


Q: How did you get started on your entrepreneurial journey?

A: We met through a mutual friend. We started seeing similarities in our dedication to a healthier lifestyle. Through these conversations we started sharing our recipes with each other. Our friends started asking us to make them things which prompted us to try and turn it into a business. 

Q: Why skin/bath products?

A: We both recognize that what goes ONTO our bodies is just as important as what we put INTO them. We were frustrated with seeing all the toxic chemicals in conventional products and wanted to make it easy for others to find products that were safe and effective. 

Q: What do you love most about being a small business?

A: Overwhelmingly, the people!  The customers we meet, the people we get to collaborate and work with. When we receive a happy email from a customer, it makes our whole day!

Q: What’s an average day look like?

A: Between us we have 6 children and that comes with a lot. There truly isn’t an average day for us. It all depends on what we have for orders at that moment. We make everything in small batches so it is fresh which means some days are busier than others. 

Q: Which is your favorite product?

A: Sabrina- My favorite product is the Youth Serum. Or the beard oil, I use it on my hair. Or the Rose toner.

Heather- It is so hard to choose!  I am really loving the charcoal face scrub right now. And the makeup primer and salty hair spray. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the process?

A: Sabrina- My favorite part is seeing our products in our favorite local retail stores. I just still can’t believe it sometimes. 

Heather- My favorite part is when we receive an order from someone we do not know because they heard how great our products are. 

Q: Do you have any stories to leave us with? A funny story? Maybe an “oops” moment? 

A: We have several oops moments!  One of our favorites was when we first started doing vendor events. We were so clueless and had no idea what we needed. We showed up with a tent but no weights. And of course it was very windy that day!  Our tent started to blow away and we were panicked. We were very lucky that our neighbors on both sides were so nice and understanding. They allowed us to share their weights. And of course we went right online and ordered weights!