Small Business Spotlight- Nuthouse Candle Co.

Meet Lauren and Megan of Nuthouse Candle Co. (or, Momma Squirrel and Little Squirrel, respectively). Their Monomoy Rose soy candles are one of the products featured in our August #ShopLocal box.

picture of women in backyard

Q: How did you get started on your entrepreneurial journey? 

A: I was interested in candling as a new hobby and verbalized it to my daughter, Meghan.  She agreed that it would be kind of neat to try our hands at it. For a few years now, Meghan has sold clothes and other items on 2 websites as a way to make some extra income while attending college.  It was her idea to sell the candles. Me? I said I would keep making candles as long as she wanted to keep selling them.

Q: Why candles? 

A: Momma Squirrel- For the pure and simple love of candles.  Who doesn’t love a good smelling candle? I love the ambiance of them, the aroma that the candle gives off after it has been burning for a while, but mostly, taking that very first smell of the candle once you take the lid off...always makes me smile. 

Little Squirrel- I just like candles. 

Q: What do you love most about being a small business? 

A: Momma Squirrel- So far, it is easy to manage since we are only just starting out. Making my own hours. I can put in as little as 1 hour a day, or as much 10 hours day. Usually the latter, because I need to stay busy! 

Little Squirrel- Making my own hours.

Q: What's an average day look like?

A: Momma Squirrel-  I need my morning walk before I start any projects! I am CONSTANTLY thinking of new ideas for our product line. I am always, always organizing since I am running out of storage spots for all of the candles and supplies. My day, until I return to my “real job”, is consumed by anything candle related and my 3 dogs. 

Little Squirrel- Labels, Labels and more labels! I take care of all the graphics, as well as maintaining the website and some social media. I have more patience for that aspect of the business. 

Q: Which is your favorite product? 

A: Momma Squirrel- Tough question! If I have to choose, Sunflower and Oat. This was an original blend that I came up with. It has such a calming smell.  I will randomly twist off the cap on these candles to smell them. I can’t believe I didn’t say Hazel Nut House! 


Little Squirrel- Blueberry Bliss - this was one of the first candles that I made for our product line.  It smells so good! 

Q: What's your favorite part of the process? 

A: Momma Squirrel- I enjoy every aspect, all around, hands down! Start to finish! Ordering the fragrances, wax, supplies, hand trimming the labels until my hand hurts, etc. Mostly, I want to know that I got it right! If I’m not satisfied with a candle, I will try again, and again, and again to get it right. Not only for me, but for the customers!  I want to know 100% that I am selling a product that a customer will be satisfied with and one that I am proud to call a Nut House Candle. 

Little Squirrel- Shipping them to the customers to make room for new products. If we are selling and shipping, then we are doing something right.. so far. 

Q: Do you have any fun stories to share from this journey? Maybe an "oops" moment? 

A: Momma Squirrel- Plenty of “oops moments”; I’m a very clumsy person by nature. What I take away most from this experience and candling journey, has been starting this business with my daughter. No one can ever take that away from me. Not only is she my one and only child, but she is also my best friend. Just like our logo, we really do have a very close bond together. 

Little Squirrel- I forgot there was a lit candle on the counter, and being just as clumsy as my mom, I knocked the candle over and wax spilled all over the floor.  Let’s just say, I now know how to clean dried up wax off any surface pretty well.